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APR Consultants Corporate Sustainability Statement

APR Consultants Limited is committed to sustainability and encourage other businesses to adopt the ethic through our extensive support of the Rotorua Sustainable Charter Incorporated, through one of the three founders Deryck Shaw.

Our Key Social/Environmental Impacts

Like any business operating in the community we have a responsibility to being a ‘good corporate citizen’ and support the community in which we operate. As consultants our main ‘product’ is knowledge which is communicated to clients through a large number of reports we prepare annually. Our client relationships and associated projects require that we travel to many New Zealand destinations as well as hosting meetings and workshops at our offices. The tools of our trade are primarily IT related and we operate in a building with climate control systems (lighting is a very small contributor to our electricity consumption). Like every business we purchase products and services that have the potential to generate both social impacts (e.g. products made with child labour) and environmental impacts (e.g. products that are difficult to divert from landfill).  All the above means that our key social and environmental impacts are, in order of importance:

  1. Our relationship with the community in which we operate.
  2. Fuel consumption resulting in direct CO2 emissions associated with business travel (e.g. sales calls and site visits) and staff commuting.
  3. Electricity consumption resulting in indirect CO2 emissions associated our building’s HVAC system, IT equipment and to a lesser degree, lighting.
  4. Paper consumption resulting in indirect CO2 emissions associated with the consumed paper’s embodied energy.
  5. The indirect social and environmental impacts of products and services we procure including their embodied energy and associated indirect CO2 emissions.
  6. Solid waste we send to the municipal landfill resulting in indirect CO2emissions associated with operating a municipal solid waste management system.

For further information on how we address the above impacts and the key sustainability metrics we measure please view our 2013 sustainability report and our 2007 sustainability report.